Gibson C-1 Classic Nylon String Guitar for Sale

Serial #113242, 1963 production year

This guitar is in very good condition and has rarely been played. The price is $745.00, plus shipping.

Gibson C-1 Classic product catalog text:

“Here are the traditional classic features, lightweight construction, easy playing action, and clear resonant tone of top finger-style guitars at an unusually low price. Ideal for playing classics or folk music … for country-westerns, ballads, Spanish rondos, or calypso strumming.

Features: Two-piece natural finish spruce top, two-piece Honduras mahogany back and rims. One-piece mahogany neck of full classic width joining body at the 12th fret. Rosewood fingerboard, slotted pegged with engraved nickel-plated machine heads and large string posts. Rosewood bridge with bone saddle and special combination open fret and string spacer nut. Fine quality nylon strings.

14¼” wide, 19” long, 4½” deep, 25½” scale, 19 frets”

Image of the 1960 catalog page.

This Gibson C-1 Classic:

This guitar was made in 1963 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The wood and finish look great and there is very little fret or fingerboard wear. The top is fan braced. The neck is 2 inches wide at the nut and has a comfortable profile. Action at the 12th fret is 3mm. There is a lot of saddle height above the bridge so action could be lowered but it is a nice playing guitar as it is without any fret buzz.

As nice as it is, it is not flawless. There are a some dings and pick marks. The bridge has been reglued because it was lifting at the back and that left some marks. A crack in the top's transverse brace has been repaired. A crack in a back brace that could not be closed with clamping jacks has instead been fixed with cleats. The repair is solid if inelegant and can be seen in one of the photos.

The case is ugly and cheap. The Gibson catalog shows that they offered three cases from cheap to expensive. There are no identifying marks that I can find but if this is a Gibson case it is the cheapest one. It has a felt lining but no padding. Also, the handle is missing.

Photos of this Gibson C1 Classic

Contact Information and Terms:

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The price is $745.00 plus the cost of shipping using It sould be less than $100.00 to most locations in the contiguous United States. They have a cost estimator tool on their webpage if you want to get a better sense of the cost. I will be shipping from zip code 77573. Their tool does not include the cost for insurance but I asked them about that and was told the cost is about $1.30 per hundred of declared value.

It is cost prohibitive to ship this guitar to beyond the contiguous United States.

I do not offer returns. Please carefully examine the many photos if you are considering buying this guitar and feel free to ask questions.

As payment I will accept a personal check if your bank has a branch near me. I also will accept a cashiers check or money order. If you prefer PayPal, the friend and family feature could work.