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Commercial photography by Bill Pogue

Houston, Texas

Producing photographs for corporate, business, and industrial publications for over 20 years

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Houston photographer Bill Pogue:

I have been producing photographs for businesses and magazines for over 20 years. I have extensive experience photographing products and people in a studio setting and on location. I have also photographed many homes, inside and out, for a home building magazine and for home builders' advertising and promotional materials.

Over the years I've photographed petroleum products, trucks, warehouses, signs, furniture, executives, cowboys, gymnasts, cops, models, buildings, skylines, ships, seafood, cows, bottles, cans, tools, valves, sludge plants, refineries, oil traders, office staff, buildings, homes, and just about anything else you can think of that a business would need photographed.

About top and bottom graphics:

All but two of the photos that comprise the collages were shot on location. The objects in the photograph at the top of the page include electric motors, medical instruments, and things used in the petro-chemical industry (valves, flanges, and blowers).

The portraits were also made on location using normal studio photography techniques. All the client neeeds to provide is a suitable space and electrical power; I bring everything else.

About the photography portfolios:

The brochure covers and tearsheets provide an overview of the photography assignments I've done. Although they represent a small sample of my work the range is fairly represented.

The table top photographs were made using standard studio techniques but many were produced at a clients' location. Most studio techniques can be replicated on location if a suitable space is available. I have done several catalogs on location saving the client the expense of shipping the products to me.

The business portraits were all made on location, usually in a conference room, but sometimes in an office.

The people photographs repesent a range of situations like testamonials, brochures, articles, and ads. Basically, people doing stuff or examples of "happy campers". As much as possible I try to catch natural expressions and have the people seem relaxed and real.

The photographs of buildings include images of residential and commercial properties. The residential properties include single and multi family units, interiors and exteriors. The commercial properties include churches, retail spaces, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and a rodeo arena. This is Texas, after all.

The case studies of full and half day photo shoots are provided as examples of what can be done in those time frames with a little planning. The half day shoot was for an industrial supplier; in many of the shots you can see in the frame a note with an item number to help the designer identify items as the catalog is layed out. The full day shoot was for a hospital that initially intended to create a staff directory but they also displayed framed photographs in common areas to project a friendly image.

The photographs of industrial products arranged in groups are pretty mundane but a staple of brochures and trade show displays. All of them were shot on location and the objects range in size from small electronic components to valves several feet tall. In addition to valves and electronics the objects depicted include flanges, gears, air handlers, pneumatic tools, linear motors, sensors, and monitors.

The bridge lift photos are a sequence of images that show the installation of a railroad bridge spanning interstate highway 10 in Houston. Two cranes had to act in unison to make the lift.

The rotating motor sequence was shot in a factory using an overhead crane to rotate the motor. This motor weighed about 1500 pounds and I've since devised a method of rotating objects up to 5000 pounds and up to 4 feet across on a custom carousel. This allows for a smoother rotation effect and is also quicker than using a crane. But objects more than 5000 pounds in weight would have to be handled by crane.

Stock Photography

Many stock photography portfolios can be viewed and these are mostly arranged by location. These images may be licensed for publication, print or www, for a fee. Photographs may also be ordered as decorative prints, when I figure out a method to deliver prints that is resonably priced for the buyer and proftable for me.

I will likely waive the fee for public school students that would like to use an image in an assignment or public school teachers that would like to use an image in their course materials. But I would like to be notified by email of such uses and properly credited in the footnotes.

Below is a list of stock subjects with rather cursory descriptions. However, further down are lists of the image captions. On a Mac you can use Firefox or Safari's print preview capability to peruse the list and/or select a page to print.

Stock Photography Subjects

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